WHITE REINDEER opens at theaters across the country

I am thrilled to announce that WHITE REINDEER has opened at the IFC Center here in NYC and will be running for a week!  I was sad to miss the opening night party because I was performing in St Louis in THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS, but I am so excited to finally be able to tell people at home and across the country that they can go see the film at their local theater.  Upcoming runs include Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Philly, San Fran, Austin, Sydney, and my hometown of Columbus!

white reindeer marquis    white reindeer poster

Read one of the many great reviews– this one in Variety magazine!

In addition, check out Brandon Schaefer’s poster that made the 50 BEST POSTERS OF 2013 (#16!) at Film.com!

And watch the official IFC trailer here!

Or watch the original SXSW trailer:


IFC buys rights to WHITE REINDEER

Wonderful news!  IFC Films has acquired North American rights to WHITE REINDEER.  Congrats to Zach Clark and everyone involved.  Digital release is set for December 2013, and a theatrical release in NYC and LA is TBA!

Check out the official poster here!


Thanks to the incredible crew, cast, and production team that made an amazing film!

Look for upcoming screenings at the Atlanta Film Festival, the Boston Underground Film Festival, and the Riverrun International Film Festival in NC!

Read the reviews at IndiewireTimeOut Chicago, and Twitch!

White Reindeer at SXSW


WHITE REINDEER to premiere at SXSW

I am thrilled to announce that WHITE REINDEER will premiere in March at SXSW!  I am so excited to see what I am positive will be an incredible third film by Zach Clark, with whom I worked on his first film, MODERN LOVE IS AUTOMATIC.  This time around I got to play an over-the-top funloving cokehead strip club bartender in this wonderfully strange and touching dark comedy.  Many congratulations to the producers, cast, and crew!  No official stills yet, but here is one of my favorite behind-the-scenes pics:

white reindeer ladies