BkBx nominated for a New York Innovative Theater Award

We at Broken Box Mime Theater had a fantastic run of our latest show, AT FIRST SIGHT (AND OTHER STORIES), yet another great collection of all-original short works created without words and set to live and recorded music from local artists.

Check out our awesome review in The Examiner here!!

AND, we are up for a New York Innovative Theater Award!  Below are some beautiful live shots by Bjorn Bolinder from the title piece of the show, which depicts the story of two people meeting and falling in love… but in reverse– and I mean literally: part of the piece involves the entire cast rewinding in fast motion!  I miss seeing these fools every week:

BkBx At First Sight

BkBx At First Sight cheer


AT FIRST SIGHT opens next week

Once again, the amazing company of Broken Box Mime Theater has created an incredible show of original works.  AT FIRST SIGHT (AND OTHER STORIES) opens next week and runs November 7-23 at Dixon Place.  I am so grateful to be a part of this family and have the opportunity to squeeze exciting work straight out of our collective brain.  And tech week is here: the squeeze is on! Hooray!

bkbx 2013

Broken Box Mime announces November show!

I am thrilled to encourage one and all to save the date for Broken Box Mime Theater‘s newest upcoming show, AT FIRST SIGHT (AND OTHER STORIES).  We will be running November 7-23 at Off-Off-Broadway’s long-revered startup artist hotspot, Dixon Place.

Check out the article on broadwayworld.com!

The show will include some of our classic work, but will mostly be an incredible chance to see new short-form pieces devised by the company.  I am so proud to be a part of this creative, smart, and loving family of artists– especially at such an exciting time in the company’s development as we expand our reach!

“Screwtape delights audiences” in Birmingham

Another rave review for THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS, this one from our performances last weekend in Birmingham:

“Screwtape has an assistant demon, Toadpipe, who takes dictation and serves as an animated cat-like pet, hissing, growling and acting out scenes described in the letters.

Toadpipe, played by Marissa Molnar, is dressed in feathers and colorful makeup and prances around the stage playfully in a way that helps spice up Screwtape’s monologue dictation. Though she has no dialogue, Molnar’s mime-like antics as Toadpipe help keep up a frantic pace for the sometimes stodgy and preachy writing of Lewis.

With Harris alternating between belting out dictation and whispering to give emphasis to Screwtape’s best observations about human nature, and Molnar reacting like a cat on a hot tin roof to the most sizzling lines, the theological musings of Lewis come back to life with a fervor that would have pleased and amused the professor himself.”


Rave review for LOUD & CLEAR

After sold-out houses and standing ovations during our final week of performances, I can proudly proclaim Broken Box Mime Theater‘s latest show LOUD & CLEAR: A COLLECTION OF STORIES a great success!  I am so grateful to have been warmly welcomed into this fantastically talented and wonderfully kind working family.  Stay tuned for the next show, slated for this coming spring!

And click to read The Artswire’s full rave review:

“…if there’s one thing I’d like to make clear with this review, it’s this: Loud & Clear is one of the most original and innovative pieces of theatre I’ve seen… Each piece is unique, bold, and full of imagination.  In other words: fascinating storytelling… The entire company… are all gifted, funny, and insightful actors that demand your attention.  And when they have it, they never let go.  Go, be bewitched, be entranced, and be moved.  It’s what theatre is all about.  And they even do it without words or sounds… Bottom Line: I can often be a tough critic, but when I’m completely taken aback by beautiful, original theatre I yell from the rooftops.  Consider me yelling.”