WHITE REINDEER opens at theaters across the country

I am thrilled to announce that WHITE REINDEER has opened at the IFC Center here in NYC and will be running for a week!  I was sad to miss the opening night party because I was performing in St Louis in THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS, but I am so excited to finally be able to tell people at home and across the country that they can go see the film at their local theater.  Upcoming runs include Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Philly, San Fran, Austin, Sydney, and my hometown of Columbus!

white reindeer marquis    white reindeer poster

Read one of the many great reviews– this one in Variety magazine!

In addition, check out Brandon Schaefer’s poster that made the 50 BEST POSTERS OF 2013 (#16!) at Film.com!

And watch the official IFC trailer here!

Or watch the original SXSW trailer:


“Screwtape delights audiences” in Birmingham

Another rave review for THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS, this one from our performances last weekend in Birmingham:

“Screwtape has an assistant demon, Toadpipe, who takes dictation and serves as an animated cat-like pet, hissing, growling and acting out scenes described in the letters.

Toadpipe, played by Marissa Molnar, is dressed in feathers and colorful makeup and prances around the stage playfully in a way that helps spice up Screwtape’s monologue dictation. Though she has no dialogue, Molnar’s mime-like antics as Toadpipe help keep up a frantic pace for the sometimes stodgy and preachy writing of Lewis.

With Harris alternating between belting out dictation and whispering to give emphasis to Screwtape’s best observations about human nature, and Molnar reacting like a cat on a hot tin roof to the most sizzling lines, the theological musings of Lewis come back to life with a fervor that would have pleased and amused the professor himself.”



What a wonderful run in DC!  Here is some great press from my opening night– click to read the full review.  And stay tuned for my complete touring schedule– coming soon!

“Although McLean’s Screwtape is the focal point of the piece, you cannot help but marvel at the talents of Marissa Molnar who plays Screwtape’s lofty serpentine servant Toadpipe. While her character never speaks, Molnar’s body does. This is a very physical role, as Toadpipe slithers around stage and must climb a ladder to get to the mailbox that is suspended over head. Molnar, who worked with Synetic Theater for a number of years, gives true meaning to the term body language. As McLean expresses his character through Lewis’s words, Molnar expresses everything Toadpipe has to say with her body. It is quite a marvel to behold.”

— MD Theatre Guide

Hometown Press

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio, but part of my family is from the southeastern part of the state– and one of the local city newspapers there heard about the recent premiere of ME, YOU AND THE ROAD and wanted to do a piece on my career.

Read the article here!

Meanwhile, I’m deep in rehearsals for both THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS which opens in December in DC and LOUD AND CLEAR: A COLLECTION OF STORIES which opens in January in NYC with Broken Box Mime Theater.  I’m excited to share my work– stay tuned for more information about how to see these performances!


I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining the cast of THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS in Washington DC hosted by The Shakespeare Theatre Company this December 19-30.  This two-person adaptation of the popular C. S. Lewis story will be playing DC as the last leg of its 2012 national tour– stay tuned for my possible performance dates with the tour in 2013!  I’ll be playing Toadpipe, the insidious gargoyle-like creature-assistant to the demon Screwtape.  It’s an incredible physical role– while Screwtape is deliciously verbose, Toadpipe expresses everything without words.  I am so excited to join this wonderful little family– and am looking forward with great fondness to playing the Lansburgh again. Here’s to a joyous– and delightfully evil– homecoming!