“Screwtape delights audiences” in Birmingham

Another rave review for THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS, this one from our performances last weekend in Birmingham:

“Screwtape has an assistant demon, Toadpipe, who takes dictation and serves as an animated cat-like pet, hissing, growling and acting out scenes described in the letters.

Toadpipe, played by Marissa Molnar, is dressed in feathers and colorful makeup and prances around the stage playfully in a way that helps spice up Screwtape’s monologue dictation. Though she has no dialogue, Molnar’s mime-like antics as Toadpipe help keep up a frantic pace for the sometimes stodgy and preachy writing of Lewis.

With Harris alternating between belting out dictation and whispering to give emphasis to Screwtape’s best observations about human nature, and Molnar reacting like a cat on a hot tin roof to the most sizzling lines, the theological musings of Lewis come back to life with a fervor that would have pleased and amused the professor himself.”