What a wonderful run in DC!  Here is some great press from my opening night– click to read the full review.  And stay tuned for my complete touring schedule– coming soon!

“Although McLean’s Screwtape is the focal point of the piece, you cannot help but marvel at the talents of Marissa Molnar who plays Screwtape’s lofty serpentine servant Toadpipe. While her character never speaks, Molnar’s body does. This is a very physical role, as Toadpipe slithers around stage and must climb a ladder to get to the mailbox that is suspended over head. Molnar, who worked with Synetic Theater for a number of years, gives true meaning to the term body language. As McLean expresses his character through Lewis’s words, Molnar expresses everything Toadpipe has to say with her body. It is quite a marvel to behold.”

— MD Theatre Guide